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Brace for warmer temperatures

By Randy Thoms Jul 8, 2024 | 2:51 PM

Northwestern Ontario will experience some very warm temperatures in the coming days.

A system of very hot weather is currently covering much of western Canada.

Environment Canada's Jennifer Smith says our region is right on the fringe of that heat.

“That ridge is essentially going to be retreating south as it transitions east.¬†While it may touch on northwestern Ontario a bit, it should be less pronounced than it is right now, for instance, over BC, and that it will be over Alberta and Saskatchewan,” says Smith.

“It will be diminishing in strength as it does transition east. That general heat is going to persist through the weekend potentially.”

Environment Canada is forecasting temperatures to rise to the low 30s by mid-week before settling back down into the high 20s.

The humidity will still make it feel a bit hotter than what the temperature will state.

Over now, the lows will settle just below 20 C as the system moves through the region.

The higher temperatures and the forecast for little precipitation could be a threat to new forest fire activity.

“Typically, meteorological conditions that favour forest fires are hot in dry conditions, usually if it's windy or there's, if there is any active weather that tends to be dry without precipitation, for instance, you get the lightning strikes.”

“Those are sort of the four things that meteorologists are monitoring to assist our partners with any wildfire forecasting that they're doing.”

There is thunderstorm activity in the forecast for the weekend.